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Welcome to News Mint India Group, your No.1 source for all media breaking outbreaks. We are dedicated to give you the very best Of timing and authenticity of latest incidents All across the media spectrum like TV,print Radio etc. We are focussed at the reliability, unbiased And impact full content which will set a trend Of fearless and honest society. 

We must have been founded with a passion And an intention to redefine the catalyst of Change in the era of this hatred and doubts On each other. Our founders had one thing clear  in their Mind that there was a urgent need of a News scanner which can filter the mixing Of wrong elements which may cause The hatred and violence in the society. 

We at News mint India group strive to be The best in media linings of the modern arena. We hope you will get the latest breakthroughs Of the current affairs happening over the Multi-level platforms of the media world. At this point of time we can promise you one Thing if you give us your 5 minutes daily.

We will make sure you will get a new Vision to see the world that will open the New doors of the opportunities for you. If you have any questions or comments, Please don’t hesitate to contact us.